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Welcome to Thai Café & Noodle Treats in south Santa Fe,New Mexico!

We serve fresh central Thai (Bangkok) style cuisine. Central Thailand is known for "harmony and balance" in food preparation. Some may think Thai food is always spicy, but that actually depends on the individual. We can prepare your meal as spicy as you can stand, but we would hope that you come to Thai Café & Noodle Treats (south side) and Thai Café Downtown to enjoy the wonderful balance of flavors typical of central Thai cuisine. Our menu features a wide variety of traditional Thai flavors, and even a few delicious fusion dishes to thrill your taste buds. So whether you're craving spicy food, or more of a balanced blend of Thai flavors, we've got you covered. I truly believe we've got something for everyone. Thank you for dining with us!

Suthirat (Ann) Ferragamo

Chef/Owner - Thai Café Downtown and Thai Café & Noodle Treats (south side)

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